uberGREEN: a step towards a more sustainable mobility

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At Uber we envision a mobility that is simple, more accessible and more sustainable. This is why today we are bringing you uberGREEN, in Lisbon and Porto.

uberGREEN, a step towards a more sustainable mobility

In the past few months we have been working hard to bring our riders a 100% electric ride, free of carbon emissions. Of all the places in the world where Uber currently operates, we are thrilled to be testing this new mobility option in Lisbon and in Porto.

uberGREEN is a pilot project that will be available for three months – from March 7th to June 6th, 2016 – to riders in Lisbon and in Porto. This is a step towards a more sustainable mobility that will help us answer a simple albeit important question: what is the impact of an on-demand, 100% electric, mobility option in reducing CO2 emissions in Lisbon and in Porto?

Throughout this pilot project, uberGREEN will offer rides in 100% electric cars, operated by Uber partners in Lisbon and in Porto, with uberX fares.

Each car will be equipped with a tracking device, developed by a portuguese technology partner, that will enable us to measure the CO2 emissions our riders will be saving Lisbon and Porto by choosing an uberGREEN ride, as opposed to a fossil fuel one.
uberGREEN is a pilot-project. This means that the uberGREEN option may be restricted to some areas of the cities, and that its availability may be limited, especially in rush hour.

How to travel with uberGREEN

  1. Open the Uber app
  2. Pick the uberGREEN option
  3. Set your pickup location
  4. Set your destination location
  5. Request your ride

Monitor the evolution of the project

The uberGREEN pilot-project will be launched with 20 cars, operated by Uber partners in Lisbon and in Porto. We expect that, by the end of this project, our riders are able to save Lisbon in Porto a total of 20 tons of CO2 by option to ride uberGREEN.

We count on you for this ride towards a greener mobility in the portuguese cities.

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